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artist Gil Bruvel

July 16, 2018 (Vancouver, BC) – After five years, award winning Vancouver BC based Mythos will be releasing a new five song EP “Eros” throughout the world on August 3, 2018 (Adagio Music/The Orchard). Listen to a preview of “Eros” HERE.

A full version of the first video “Kawakari” can be seen and heard HERE. “Kawakari”, the first track from the EP, is classic Mythos, blending acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, electronic beats, soaring vocals.


Mythos is Bob D’Eith (acoustic piano and producer) and Paul Schmidt (acoustic guitar). Mythos again welcomes special guest performers Jennifer Scott (vocals) and Rene Worst (bass). Mythos can be described as ethereal, ambient instrumental music focusing on acoustic guitar, piano and vocal melodies. Added to this mix are hypnotic electronic beats, orchestral arrangements and world instrument flavors. Mythos has always had the goal of creating music without borders; creating a blend of sounds from all over the planet.


JUNO Award nominated Mythos has a long history of successful international releases:


Mythos “Introspection” (1996 Adagio/Pacific Music/Warner) (JUNO Award nomination)


Mythos “Mythos” (1998 Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI) (Billboard New Age Chart #18)


Mythos “Reality of a Dreamer” (2000 Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI) (Billboard New Age Chart #6)


Mythos “Eternity” (2002 Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI) (Billboard New Age Chart #14)


Mythos “Purity” (2008 Allula/Allegro)


Mythos “Journey” (2013 Adagio/The Orchard)


Mythos “The Best of Mythos 20th Anniversary Vinyl Edition” (2015 Adagio)


Now, on August 3, 2018, Mythos is pleased to be returning with “Eros”.


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