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Best of Mythos - CD


The Best of Mythos is a special 20th Anniversary selection of the most enduring tracks from Mythos.

Mythos can be described as ethereal, ambient instrumental music focusing on acoustic guitar, piano and vocal melodies. Added to this mix are hypnotic electronic beats, orchestral arrangements and world instrument flavors. Mythos has always had the goal of creating music without borders; creating a blend of sounds from all over the planet.

Mythos has had a very successful and colorful history. 20 years ago, Bob D’Eith (piano) and Paul Schmidt (guitar) decided to create some music with the idea of composing for film and television. As the partners worked together and brought in other performers, they realized that there was something special about the music. The music stood on its own. Mythos was born.


“Introspection” was the bands first independent release. With the unexpected commercial radio success of “November”, CDs sold in the thousands. That record won a West Coast Music Award and was nominated for a JUNO Award in 1997. The artist secured a number of television placements including the show “Due South”. The album was released in the USA on the boutique San Francisco label XDOT25.


The follow-up album release for “Iridescence,” was happily interrupted when XDOT25 was able to secure a deal for Mythos with Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI in Malibu, California. The addition of Gil Bruvel’s stunning artwork to a re-release of the best of the first two albums led to the release of “Mythos” in 1998.  This record was a huge success, eventually selling over 50,000 CDs and charting on Billboard Magazine’s New Age chart for eight months.


Riding on the wave of Mythos’ success, Higher Octave went on to release “Reality of a Dreamer” (2000) and “Eternity” (2002), both of which charted in Billboard for months on end. One of the highlights was the featuring of Mythos music in the 2000 Victoria’s Secret runway show in Cannes, France. At the time, this was the largest streaming event ever seen on the internet. “Eternity” won a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Instrumental Artist in 2003.

With the explosion of downloading and the merger of major labels internationally, Mythos became independent again in 2005. This did not stop the artist who released “Purity” in 2006 on Pacific Music/Warner (Canada) and Alula (Allegro USA).

After more than 10 years making music together, Paul and Bob took a break in order to pursue careers. Bob has been working as a music lawyer and executive director of a non-profit music industry association (Music BC). After studying at London School of Economics, Paul took a position in Korea at a university.


In 2010, Bob decided that it was time to start working on new material. The first effort was to re-mix a favorite track that never made major label release. “Rain” was released as a single in that year.


Over the next two years, Bob and Paul worked on new material and in late 2012 were able to get together to record a new album. Joined by new guest artist Mother Mother’s Jasmin Parkin, “Journey” is an album that reflects both where Mythos has been and where it is going. On April 30 2013, Mythos “Journey” will be released to a patient and loyal fan base.

The Best of Mythos