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2021 is Mythos’ 25th Anniversary and this year we are pleased to release “XXV” a 14-track album including 5 new tracks and 9 fully remastered classics. The lead-off single “Legacy” featuring Cam Blake (Bob’s son and Indie Rock artist in his own right), uses progressive rock and electronic elements and was produced with returning performances by Jennifer Scott and Rene Worst. “Fly Away” is going to please many Mythos fans, getting back to Mythos’ musical roots. “Bonum et Malum” explores the dichotomy between good and evil, sadness and joy. “Progression” is a piece that evolves through the addition of ever complex melodies, all woven together into a tapestry of sound. “Recuerdos de la Alahambra” originally composed by Francisco Tárrega and arranged for guitar and strings by Mythos, features a beautiful classical guitar performance by Paul Schmidt. The balance of the tracks (November Dance, Brazil, Planinata, Alchemy, Ascent, Icarus, Surrender, Eros and Spiritus) are a selection of Mythos’ most enduring tracks from previous albums fully remastered for the digital environment.


  • Please note that this product is a CDr created as a small batch run of CDs and not through a manufacturing plant. The demand for large qualities of CDs has decreased year over year since the rise of streaming services. 

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